Here are the services we offer

  • Marketing diagnosis
  • Collaboration in sales and procurement marketing in Asia and the former Socialist countries
  • Collaboration in company spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions and start-ups
  • Board member mandates
  • Turnaround management – temporary management

Business in pigments and additives for the paint and plastic segments


You've got a good line of products

But your sales and earnings are in a slump

  • Is it because the domestic market in Switzerland is too small?
  • Are you sure your marketing strategy fits your product line?
  • Are you losing your market positions to the competition, perhaps to suppliers from Asia or the former Socialist countries?
  • Do you feel your marketing competence is inadequate for expansion abroad?
  • Or do you just want a diagnosis of your marketing, if necessary with a recipe for improvement?

If you are not sure how to answer these questions

Then it would be worthwhile to contact us and have a talk.


Economic threat from the Far East?

As an economic giant, China in particular represents a threat to the existence of many European companies.

However, from a business standpoint China also represents a real chance!

But to be successful, you have to work out a special strategy that is specifically oriented to China.

Take advantage of the China expertise of a marketing professional for your sales and/or procurement marketing or even for planning a production plant of your own in China.


bremaco, the ideal partner in spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions and start-ups

Thanks to many years' experience in international marketing,
bremaco is the ideal partner for M&A activities and start-ups, by

  • Reviewing marketing strategies/plans for sustainment and feasibility

  • Coordinating marketing organizations/sales and marketing channels in the framework of mergers/acquisitions

  • Monitoring the cost structure and efficiency of marketing and sales activities


Board member mandates/turnaround management

We would be pleased to inform you personally about references
and turnaround successes